Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cinco de Mega

Viva la GCLAW! is partnering up with the Last Best Print Fest and Total Fest XI: Rites of Spring.  Woah.  It's all happening at Zoo City Apparel, May 5.

11am - 5pm: Last Best Print Fest
5pm - 7:30pm: Rites of Spring with Vera and I hate your girlfriend
7:30pm: Viva la GCLAW with intermissions by Bellatrix and Monks on Fire

Woah, right?  There's more.  Head over to the VFW after GCLAW for three more bands and so much Total Fest XI PreBlast action you can't tell if that ringing in your ears is from all the music or the sound of angels coming to carry you off.  Either one is good.

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