Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inaugural Brawl: Birth of GCLAW

GCLAW's Inaugural Brawl: Birth of GCLAW is January 31 7:30-11:30pm at Zoo City Apparel. Wrasslers are preparing, every one has made "Win GCLAW Brawl" at least #5 on their resolutions list. Who will be left laughing? Who will be left crying? Who will be left laughing until they cry? Find out.

DJ Collin of Ink Mathematics will be spinning between matches. Expect a couple of live performances (TBD) post-wrassle.

Oh, and don't forget, all proceeds from the Inaugural Brawl will be in support of Garden City Harvest.

Are you training too? Challenge a wrestler at the end of the night. Or, better yet, fulfill your own new year's resolution and publicly display your arm wrestling dominance over your friend, lover, or mom. See you there.