GCLAW is an irregular hodgepodge of arm wrestling women using their strength to raise money for Missoula area non-profits.  We are committed to supporting our community, being good sportswomen, and having a knee-slapping fun time.

GCLAW came to Missoula by way of Charlottesville, Virginia, where the original CLAW was born.  Those superbad wrestling women left an impression on one of their youngest members Strawberry Paincake, who quickly began spreading the gospel of CLAW to her new hometown of Missoula.  After living in Missoula two years, Miss Paincake thought ''It's about time we got around to that wrestling,'' and so GCLAW began recruiting and preparing women for a brawl.

  • 8 contestants find a manager and likely gather friends to make their entourage.  
  • They all transform into their GCLAW character and prepare for the brawl (i.e. work out, meditate, steroids).
  • At the event, the manager and entourage move through the crowd heckling for 'votes' (aka MONEY) to support their wrassler.
  • Contestants arm-wrestle 3 rounds in a tournament style bracket to become the GCLAW Champion.
  • The contestant raising the most money in combination with an assessment by the celebrity judges  is deemed the Crowd Favorite.
  • The most impassioned audience member is awarded the Biggest Fan Prize.
  • All proceeds are donated to local non-profit organizations.
  • General rules apply, but are determined and managed by the referee, only to be manipulated and corrupted by celebrity judges, crowd hecklers, and dolla billz.