Thursday, February 2, 2012

Overall Champion Lincoln Hawk Defeats Crowd Favorite Lady Forsyth

On January 31, in Round 3 of GCLAW's Inaugural Brawl, Lincoln Hawk defeated Lady Forsyth to become the first ever GCLAW Champion! The match was tight, coming down to a final right-hand wrassle between Hawk and Forsyth. Bribes were made, but the outcome of a 2-1 win for Lincoln Hawk was declared a clear victory by our celebrity Judges Josh Slotnick, Bob Marshall, and Courtney Blazon.

No arms were broken in The Birth of GCLAW and no animals were injured or eaten during the event, despite the obvious hunger of Sassy Squatch.

Many thanks go out to all those who participated in and all who came out to support our inaugural event. GCLAW raised $450 for Garden City Harvest thanks to your work and your bets!

Thanks to our sponsors, Zoo City Apparel, Carlo's One Night Stand, KBGA College Radio, and the UM Women's Center. Thanks also to our wrasslers, our three fabulous celebrity judges, The Chalfonts and Pillow Fort for good tunes after the show, and to DJ Collin for the pre-show vinyl. Thanks to our photographer Carmine Leighton and our design man Sam Berry. Thanks to performers and behind-the-scenes folk, including but not limited to Dave Wise, Charlotte Siegel, Sarah Anderson, Drew Fetherolf, GCH staff, Will Genedak, Val Hingston, Drew Lefevbre, the Zootown Arts Community Center, Sara O'brien, and all our volunteers.