Monday, May 28, 2012

Viva la GCLAW Overall Champion Lady LoFi Wins Over Crowd Favorite Olivia Newton-Brawn

Cinco de Mayo's Viva la GCLAW event at Zoo City Apparel was won by Lady LoFi in a colossal battle against Crowd Favorite Olivia Newton-Brawn.  The two women of rock & roll - Lady LoFi of bands Needlecraft and Ten Year Old Girlfriend and Newton-Brawn formerly of SASShole - demonstrated the many faces of Missoula women.  Namely, Newton-Brawn's colorful, cute, and sweet versus Lady LoFi's zipper-mouthed and black hooded terrifying.  The two went back and forth in battle, with more right and left arm do-overs than had yet been seen in any previous GCLAW match up.  Eventually, the call was thrown to the judges, gaining Lady LoFi the victory, Newton-Brawn the crowd favorite, and fans agreeing that the one thing the two wrasslers have in common is brute strength.

GCLAW raised $280 in support of Total Fest XI, which will be held August 16 - 18, 2012.  Viva la GCLAW shared the day as part of Cinco de Mega, an all weekend event incorporating the Zootown Arts Community Center's Last Best Print Fest, Total Fest Rites of Spring, and GCLAW.  Bellatrix Performers ate fire, hula-hooped, and spun poi to the live music of Monks on Fire in between each round, while Bad Naked made a special appearance in gold sequined pants to hold up signs marking each round and asking people to "Bribe" the judges and refs.

The next GCLAW event will be in support of the Zootown Arts Community Center, details TBD.  We are currently recruiting wrasslers, contact